First #SummerOfBaseball from the @Mets

mets mets closeup
When I started my little #SummerOfBaseball experiment, I had no idea what the reaction would be – whether I’d be completely ignored, if the response would be overwhelming, or somewhere in between.

It’s pretty simple actually, I’ve asked various teams across all levels of play for a baseball that I can photo and put up on my social media with the hashtag #SummerOfBaseball. I thought it would be something fun to share with everyone who is following me on twitter and have a little fun in the process. At the end of the summer, I’m planning on taking a group photo with all the balls which arrive.

I’m proud to say that the very first team to step up to the plate was the New York Mets. I’ve been a die hard since I was a little kid and my Dad started taking me to Shea (how he became one as he grew up as a Yankees fan in the Bronx right by the stadium is one of the world’s great unsolved mysteries) and win or lose, they’ll always be my team. (But I would like to see another World Series crown or three in my lifetime).

So here’s to the Mets! Let’s Go Mets!

Hope you all enjoy your own personal #SummerOfBaseball – no matter who you root for.

If you’re a team that would like to participate, drop me an email at


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