Mets Draft 2010 – #43 pick – Donnie Tabb

The 2010 New York Mets draft brought us Matt Harvey.  Two other draft picks from that class have cracked the Mets roster to date – 5th round pick Matt den Dekker and 30th round pick Josh Edgin.

That draft year, there were 46 other players selected by the Mets (they did not pick in the 2nd or 10th round and made 2 selections in the 45th round).  Not all of the players drafted signed with the team.  Most players drafted will never make it to the highest levels of the minors, let alone the Major Leagues – but each one of them is chasing a dream and playing at a level that the far majority of us (this Mets fan included) could never imagine.

So who are these young men that the majority of us we will never know?

Donnie Tabb was picked in the 43rd round –  the 1,292nd overall player chosen and the lowest pick that actually signed with the Mets.

Donnie lasted two years in the Mets organization before being released on January 20, 2012.

Donnie was a second baseman that hailed from Mississippi that played for East Central Community College before being selected.

In 2010 and 2011, Donnie played Rookie level ball with the Gulf Coast League Mets.  He appeared in 44 games over those two seasons with 114 professional at-bats, scored 17 runs and had 26 professional base hits.  He hit 6 doubles, 1 triple and never had a professional home run. He drove in 13 batters and stole three bases.  His career batting average was .228 with a .286 OBP.  He played 32 games in the field at 2B and another 4 in RF.

Donnie, we never knew you.


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