Why did the Mets sign Anthony Seratelli?

Why not?  Yes, he’s a 30 year old utility infielder that’s never played a day in the majors.  But if you look at his numbers, he hasn’t been bad in the minors.

He started his professional career in Indy ball.  Any player signed out of the Indy leagues isn’t going to be a big investment for the major league club – in other words, all things being equal – they aren’t.  Two players with the same skillset will be evaluated differently based on their pedigree (aka draft position and signing bonus).  Seratelli spent his minor league career predominantly being a utility player backing up all 4 infield positions behind players that would eventually make the Royals MLB roster – players the big league club had invested in.

Most guys signed out of Indy ball wouldn’t have lasted eight years in the minors.  Seratelli did.  He was useful.  He could play anywhere on the infield.  He wasn’t a threat to the prospects coming up.  And his stats showed he could play.

Over eight minor league seasons, he only hit .276 – but his on base percentage was .372.  He’s shown a little pop with 37 home runs over the last three seasons.  He has speed with 74 stolen bases over the last three years.  He gets on base and walked 196 times the last three years.  His on base percentages the last three years have been .392, .374, and .395.

Yes, all of this has been at the minor league level.  Yes, he hasn’t cracked a MLB roster.  Yes, he’s 30 years old.  But the signing makes sense.

He’s hungry.  He’s of absolutely no risk to sign.  He can play anywhere on the infield.  He can get on base.  He can run.  He has some power.  He’s a switch hitter.  He’s cheap, versatile, and is a potential good guy to come off the bench.

He’s there to compete with Justin Turner for the utility infielder role.  His signing also gives the Mets flexibility to shop Turner to someone who is looking for a good utility player.

Will Seratelli make the team?  Only time will tell.

Who were some of the players blocking Seratelli’s path to the majors?

Clint Robinson – made the Royals in 2012 – 25th round pick.

Jeff Bianchi – made the Brewers in 2012 – former Royals 2nd round pick.

Eric Hosmer – made the Royals in 2011 – 1st round pick.

Johnny Giavotella – made the Royals in 2011 – 2nd round pick.

Mike Moustakas – made the Royals in 2011 – 1st round pick.

Christian Colon – Royals 1st round pick, not yet in the majors.

When you’re signed out of the Indys and your path to the bigs is being blocked by three first round and two second round picks that the big league club has a significant monetary investment in – you’re going to be passed up.

Is Seratelli going to be a difference maker and impact player on the team?  Highly unlikely, but he could be useful and is worth taking a flier on.


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