Some Thoughts on Social Media Etiquette for #MetsTwitter

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a bit under a rock this past week and was slow to the party in seeing that a certain person on Mets Twitter got himself into legal trouble.  

We all get snarky on here.  I get it.  I’ll raise my hand and own up to the snark factor.  I’ll bust chops on here (and I expected to be busted back).  I think of it as more like busting on a little brother, someone you can because they’re family but always have their back.  But I try not to be mean spirited (and if I’ve unintentionally offended someone along the way, I’ll own up to it and apologize). On the rare occasion when I’ll take a crack back at someone that may be a little below the belt, it’s only if they’ve been rude first – and those who have been following me on here for awhile are aware of that.

At the risk of sounding like an old fart (which, I’ll admit, I’m becoming more and more of one every day), let’s remember the Golden Rule.  Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.  Be nice to each other.  Be polite.  It’s takes just as much effort to be nice to someone as it does to be nasty.  Just because we’re all an icon on a computer screen and some text on a scrolling timeline, that doesn’t mean there aren’t real people on the other end.  

Just be nice to each other.  Most of us are.  Most of us don’t need to be reminded.  

It’s okay to bust on the Yankees.  It’s okay to bust on the Phillies.  It’s okay to bust on the Braves.  It’s also okay for them to bust on all of us as well.  It’s fun.  Respect each other’s opinions, and they’ll respect yours, too.  I’m a big believer in karma… and what goes around truly does come around threefold. 

I’ll get off my soap box now.  Just play nice, everybody. 


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