With all the line drives coming back at pitchers… I have a logical solution.

With Alex Cobb pitching tonight, and the scary injury that cost him 50 games this season – I was thinking again about how  pitchers can be protected on the mound.

We’ve been hearing about possible solutions for the last couple of years.  I can’t imagine batting helmets for pitchers.

I thought about putting those batting practice screens in front of the mound, but that would be a bit intrusive in the game.

Then it struck me like, duh.  

Force fields. 


Force fields.

The technology exists.  It has for years.  When we took on the aliens back in 1994 in Independence Day, the alien ships had special force fields around their craft to protect them from lasers.  It wasn’t until Jeff Goldblum planted that virus into the mother ship and interrupted the signal that we were able to get the force field deactivated.  

We can simply put a force field around the pitchers.  It won’t affect the pitches.  But if any deadly objects flies back at the pitcher at a high rate of speed, the force field will deflect it.  It won’t prevent the pitcher from fielding his position if it’s programmed to not activate unless something is coming at a high rate of speed.  It won’t prevent him from pitching.  It won’t be obstructive in any way.  

But it will protect the pitchers from the line drives.

Force fields.  Get cracking on it, Bud.  Do it before you retire.  


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