A Class Act Tonight by Daniel Murphy

The Mets lost tonight in extra innings.  They were down going into the bottom of the 9th before tying the game.  As the Mets were coming off the field in the top of the 9th down one run – I saw Daniel Murphy do something that showed class.

A ball was tossed up into the stands in the direction of a young fan.  Daniel wasn’t the one who tossed it, but he saw the young fan that was intended to be the recipient not get the ball.  Instead of going down the dugout stairs, Daniel stopped and started asking people on the bench for a ball.  

As the little seen indicent in the stands obviously wasn’t seen by his teammates on the bench, Daniel had to ask multiple times for a ball and why he wanted a ball.  He stayed where he was so that he wouldn’t lose sight of the young fan.  The ball was fetched and it was tossed to a security guard and Daniel made sure it got to the correct recipient.  

I wasn’t told Daniel did this.  I saw it with my own eyes.  I was sitting right by where it happened. 

Daniel didn’t have to do that.  He could have just walked down the stairs.  He cold have been another athlete that didn’t notice – and even if he did… no one would have blamed him.  

But he showed class.  Good job, Murph. 


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