If Dillon Gee was a Lefty

If Dillon Gee was a left-handed pitcher, he’d be getting a lot more respect and recognition.  Instead of being the token 5th starter that is holding a spot for one of the up and coming guys from the minors, we’d be talking about wrapping him up for a contract along the lines of Jon Niese.

He’s 10-9 with a 3.63 ERA in 27 starts and 166 innings.

Last year, he had a 4.10 ERA before his clot issue.

In 2010, he had a 4.43 ERA in 27 starts.

He’s improved every year.  He’s entering his prime.  He’s not the sexy starter along the lines of Harvey or Wheeler.  But he’s a good pitcher. 

If he was a lefty, there would be teams knocking down the Mets door to try to trade for him.  But he’s a righty.  So he’s not.

I wouldn’t have an issue if Gee was signed up for a contract along the lines of Niese. It gives Gee long term security.  It would give the Mets contract stability.  It puts a proven, solid starter locked up in the rotation.  

Until the young guns prove it on the Major League level – they’re still prospects.  Gee’s proven he belongs at this level. 


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