MLB’s Dead List – August 4th Version

We’re now in the Dog Days of the season.  The non-waiver trading deadline has passed and it’s time to re-examine the Major League Baseball Dead List.

Again, just because a team is on the list doesn’t mean there can’t be a Zombie Apocalypse and they come back to life – it’s happened, but it’s not all that likely.

Simply stated… if you’re at least 10 games back from any playoff spot, I’m putting you on the List.

So what teams make the Dead List?


American League:

Seattle Mariners – 10 out of Wildcard

Toronto Blue Jays – 11 out of Wildcard

Minnesota Twins – 12.5 out of Wildcard

Chicago White Sox – 20 out of Wildcard

Houston Astros – 24.5 out of Wildcard


National League:

San Diego Padres – 10 out of Division and Wildcard

Philadelphia Phillies – 10.5 out of Wildcard

New York Mets – 10.5 out of Wildcard

San Francisco Giants – 11 out of Division and Wildcard

Chicago Cubs – 11.5 out of Wildcard

Milwaukee Brewers – 14.5 out of Wildcard

Miami Marlins – 17 out of Wildcard


Twelve teams are on the Dead List.  Eighteen are still alive fighting for the 10 playoff spots.  



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