Six Man Rotation Time – it makes sense


I’m not surprised to hear this announcement.  When the announcement that Kirk Nieuwenhuis was being demoted to AAA and Jenrry Mejia was staying up – I figured that the team would go to a six man rotation.  

As strange as this may sound… this mikes sense.  

The team isn’t going anywhere this season.  The offense isn’t a powerhouse.  But they’re exciting right now.  It makes sense to keep that excitement going until the end of the season.  

We’re coming up on the innings limit for Matt Harvey.  Zack Wheeler is coming up on a limit as well.  Once they’re shut down, the excitement and interest in the season is gone for good.  The NFL will have started.  You may as well just cut off the last couple of weeks.  Oh… and you’d still need to find another two starters.

But by slotting Mejia into the rotation, you’re extending Harvey further into the season.  The same goes for Zack Wheeler.  Carlos Torres is pitching better than anyone could have possibly expected and as long as he’s pitching effectively, why would you take him out?  Mejia had a solid first start and let’s not forget – he was a top organizational prospect before he got hurt and he’s still younger than Matt Harvey.   Here’s an opportunity to see what he can do and showcase him for a potential trade for a bat in the offseason (or if he’s part of the future of an already stacked contender list for the future rotation).  Gee and Hefner have pitched well enough to stay in the rotation.

So why not give Mejia a shot and extend Harvey and Wheeler to the end of the season?  


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