Another Reason the Mets Can Seriously Contend in 2014


Yes, we know about Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, the emergence of Hefner, and the other upcoming arms in the minors.

But here’s another reason this team can be in serious contention in 2014.

Their play on the road.

The adage is “play .500 on the road”.  If you can do that, you should make the playoffs.

10 teams currently make the playoffs.  Right now, there are only 8 teams in all of Major League Baseball that have greater than .500 records on the road.  The Mets are one of them.

There are only three teams in the National League with winning records on the road.  The Cardinals, Pirates, and the Mets. 

If the adage about winning on the road holds true – the Mets should be contenders right now.  We’re past the halfway point, so we have a large enough sample size.  The Mets are a good road team. 

It’s just the play at home that’s killing them. 

So the optimistic side of me says there’s no reason that if the play turns around at home, the new-fangled lineup could make a late run at a spot this season.  Do I think it will happen?  No.  I’m realistic.

But there’s no reason that they can’t do it next season.  As I’ve said before, this team reminds me of 1983.  The turnaround started in 1984.

And if anyone is thinking about any free agents that may be looking to come to the team in the offseason… they know about the pitching.  They know this is a team on the horizon.

Now let’s just start winning at Citi!


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