Duda and Turner not returning soon – Tejada on Rehab assignment

Lucas Duda and Justin Turner are not close to coming back from their respective intercostal strains.  Which means, that at least for now, there are two Mets on the present roster that won’t be losing their spots when they return.

Which is good for Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Jordany Valdespin.  They may very much be the bubble players to lose their roster spots.  Kirk made a statement for staying the last two days.  Jordany needs to start talking with his bat.

When Ruben Tejada comes off his rehab assignment, a decision has to be made regarding the Shortstop position.  Will he get a demotion and stay in AAA when his time to recall happens?  Will he re-claim his starting role?  Or will he come up and replace Jordany as the backup middle infielder and try to earn his job back?

We’re only a couple of weeks until the trading deadline.  This team may look different come August 1st.  It already looks a lot different than it did on June 1st.


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