Ike Davis – the Return of Batman or the Joker?


I know what you’re thinking… Gotham already has a Dark Knight, and his name is Matt Harvey.  

But once upon a time, there was another Shining Knight that we longingly waited for.  He was a first round pick.  He carried a major league pedigree.  He had a stroke that could send the ball to the moon and made acrobatic circus catches with regularity.  

Then, like in any Superhero story, the Batman faced adversity.  He proved human.  He faced a freak injury that cost him nearly an entire season.  He contracted a strange and mysterious disease before he could return.  When it seemed our hero was down and out, he redeemed himself with a strong second half.

Everything seemed oh, so promising.  Then, once again, our hero started to falter.  His swing eluded him.  His glove disappeared.  The cheers he once heard turned into a chorus of boos.  Like the Batman, our hero did not possess any real true super powers.  He was only armed with his bat and his glove – and an unwavering confidence in his ability that he would not, could not fail.

Once that Confidence failed, the Batman proved only all too mortal.  

Our Hero was banished to the Desert, where he was forced to Meditate and face his own Mortality.  Where he was forced to fight for his Baseball Life. 

Now the Batman has returned.  Is he the tortured soul that has returned to vanquish Satin?  Is the Batman once again?  Or has our hero now become the Joker?

Only time will tell…


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