Do the Yankees try to get Ike Davis?

Here’s a thought… it looks like Ike may be getting Wally Pipped by Josh Satin.  Davis is starting to hit again in Vegas, but Satin is performing and the team is playing well.  How do you tell the hottest hitter on the team to sit to make room for a guy who was clogging up the order and (as nice of a guy as he seems to be) was the poster child for the Mets issues this season?

Ike is making over $3 million this season.  He can’t get more than a 20% pay cut, so he’s a non-tender candidate after this season – especially if there’s a much less expensive option that’s producing at his position.  His trade value is down – so until he starts to produce at the MLB level again, who’s going to want him?

Let’s look across town.  The Yankees are struggling for offense.  Their first baseman is gone for the season.  Overbay’s production is slowing.  Oh, and they have that short right porch for Ike’s lefty bat.

The Yankees can probably get him cheap – for salary and a conditional player to be named later (if he produces, the Mets get more – if he doesn’t, the Mets get less).  If Ike produces in the Bronx, he increases his trade value for the Yankees in the offseason.  If he doesn’t, they can non-tender him.  Or they can hold onto him through Spring Training to see how Teixeira’s wrist heals.

This is, of course, depends on how the Mets feel about Josh Satin and Lucas Duda.  If the team thinks they may really have something with Satin, then Ike becomes the more expensive odd man out.  If Satin falters, the Mets still have Duda as a replacement as first base who will not be commanding Ike’s salary.  

Just thinking…


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