Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 61

Daniel Murphy walked into the clubhouse and couldn’t believe what he saw.  The entire room was packed and in near silence.  The only sound that was coming was from the dull thump, thump, thump of thumbs on smart phones.

“What’s going on?” Daniel asked.  A few members of the team looked up.

“Get back to work!” a voice bellowed, followed by a sharp crack.  Daniel heard a scream coming from Kirk Nieuwenhuis as he was hit by a whip.  “Do you want to get sent back to the minors?  I don’t think so!”

“What in tarnation?” Daniel said.

A very attractive middle aged woman spun and glared at Daniel.  “Silence!” she said.  She looked Daniel up and down and gave him a little smile.  “You’re a cute one… perhaps you want the whip as well?”

“Cougar Carol!” Daniel said.

“Have we met?” Cougar Carol said.  “I think I would have remembered you.”

Daniel quickly ran out of the room before Cougar Carol could say another word.  He quickly grabbed his gym bag and hastily changed into his orange and blue Superhero costume.  Moments later, he was rushing back into the clubhouse, his cape with the large number 28 trailing behind, just as the whip was about to strike Jordany Valdespin.

“Keep on voting!  Do it!  Do it!  Do it!” Cougar Carol yelled.

“Stop right there!” Daniel said.

“The Superhero!” Cougar Carol said.  “My, my… you’re even more handsome that that young fellow that was just in here.  What do you say about going back to my place when I’m finished up over here?  I can show you my little kitty.”

“What in the world are you doing?” Daniel asked.

“Sandy hired me to whip these boys into shape.  We need to get David Wright into the All Star game and I’m here to help.”  She turned and caught out of the corner of her eye that Andrew Recker was staring at her rear end.  “Naughty boy!” she said, as she cracked the whip in his direction.  “I love my job.”

“Listen Carol,” Daniel said.

“That’s COUGAR Carol,” she corrected.

“Listen Cougar Carol,” Daniel said.  “I’m know that we all want David Wright to start the All Star game, but this isn’t the way to do it.  We need to stuff the ballot boxes.  We need to vote online repeatedly…”

“That’s exactly what I have these boys doing.”

“And it’s greatly appreciated,” Daniel said.  “But David specifically asked to keep the Cougars out of it.  If you want to help vote him in, that’s great.  If you want to encourage all your Cougar friends to vote him in, that’s even better.  But we can’t have you whipping the entire team and scaring them into voting for David.”

“I’m not scared,” Marlon Byrd said.

“I actually kind of like it,” Andrew Brown said.

“Cougar Carol is pretty hot,” Josh Edgin said.

“See?” Cougar Carol said, smiling.  “They like it.  You just might, too… if you give it a chance.”

“That’s not the point,” Daniel said.  “Please just tone it down.”

“Fine,” Cougar Carol said.  “Anyone who wants to stop is free to go.  Anyone who wants to stay and continue voting while I’m standing here holding this, feel free also.”

No one moved.  A couple of players giggled, but they all kept on tapping away on their smart phones.

“Well,” Daniel said.  “I guess my work here is done.”

“And mine is just beginning,” Cougar Carol said.  “Now back to work!”

Daniel just shook his head and walked out of the clubhouse.


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