Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 59

Daniel Murphy was in the clubhouse when his cell phone rang.  He looked at the number.  It was Jay Horwitz.

“Probably another butt dial,” Daniel said.  He ignored the call.

A few minutes later, his phone rang again.  He looked at the number.  Jay Horwitz again.  A few minutes later, another ring.

“Jay,” Daniel said.  “You have to stop with the butt dialing.”

“Hi Daniel,” Jay said on the other end.  “I wasn’t but dialing.  I needed to reach you.”

“Oh,” Daniel said.  “Sorry.  What can I do for you?”

“You’re good friends with the Superhero, right?” Jay said.

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“I need you to get a hold of him for me.”

“Do you mind if I ask why?” Daniel asked.

“We’re looking for another arm for our bullpen.  Sandy wanted to give him a tryout.”

“You want the Superhero to pitch out of the pen?”

“It can’t hurt,” Jay said.

“What about getting another bat?” Daniel asked.  “That’s what this team really needs.”

“Can he hit?” Jay asked.

“Can the Superhero hit?  Does a duck like water?”

“What position does he play?”

“He’s a natural infielder,” Daniel said.  “He’s tried a bit of the outfield, but he’s much better in the infield.  And he’s a Doubles Hitting Machine.  Just like me.”

“Have you seen him in the cage?” Jay asked.

“The dude can rake,” Daniel said.  “If the Superhero was on the All Star ballot, it would be a travesty if he weren’t voted in as a starter.”

“Who do you think would get more votes? The Superhero or David Wright?” Jay asked.

“Now this is no knock on David, but the Superhero would and should be the leading vote getter.  Not only can he rake, not only can he field, but the ladies love him.”

“He is quite charismatic,” Jay admitted.

“I’ll have the Superhero give Sandy a call,” Daniel said.  “He’s open to a long term contract.”

“I’ll pass on the word,” Jay said.  “Thanks for your help.”

“Anytime,” Daniel said.


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