Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 56

After dropping two games on Saturday on a very cold, windy night, Daniel didn’t sleep very well.  He lay in his bed, tossing and turning.

I told you I would haunt you… he heard a voice whisper in the darkness.

“Go away, Larry,” Daniel said.

I’m going to give you the tomahawk chop…

“Larry, I’m trying to sleep,” Daniel said.

Your Superhero powers cannot help you now…

Daniel sat up in bed, clearly getting annoyed.  “Look, Larry.  I know you like to think you’re the one responsible for us losing this weekend.  We may not be scoring runs.  We may be losing a lot of games.  But it has absolutely nothing to do with you.  This team just stinks.  So take your retired rear-end to the Hall of Fame and leave me alone and let me get some sleep!”

“Hey!” the Ghost of Larry said, no longer whispering and sounding hurt.  “You don’t have to be so mean!  I’m just trying to have some fun with you.”

“I’m not in the mood for fun,” Daniel said.  “I’m tired of losing.  I’m tired of your antics.  And I’m tired of you!  Now get out of my room and let me get some sleep!”

“Well,” the Ghost of Larry said.  “If you’re going to be like that!  I’m going!”

“Ugh,” Daniel Murphy said, rolling over.  “I can’t stand that guy.”


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