Mets schedule does not look good for attendance…

Yes, I know.  The record isn’t helping much either.  But if we look at the upcoming weekend series between now and the end of the season, prospects of having many people at the park is looking slim.

The next two weekend home series are against the Marlins and the Cubs.  Battle of the Bottom Feeders.

After that comes the Nationals.  Ok, there’s the attraction of seeing Bryce Harper and a decent team.

Then there’s the Phillies.  But by then, it’s July, after the All-Star Break, and the Phillies aren’t exactly gangbusters this years.

Then we’re into August.  Royals and Tigers in interleague.  Tigers are worth catching, but the Royals aren’t exactly a turnstyle turner.

Then we finish out the stretch, long out of the race with weekend series against the Marlins and Brewers – two other teams that currently, like the Mets, are 10+ games out of all playoff spots.

If the part is looking empty now, just wait until August.  This alone will be reason to bring Wheeler and d’Arnaud up (when his foot heals).




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