Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 55

Daniel arrived in the clubhouse and couldn’t believe what he saw.  Scattered all over the table were a bunch of Las Vegas tourist brochures.  The Mandalay Bay Shark Reef.  Sun Buggy Desert Racing.  The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.  A bunch of ones with pictures of bosomy women posed at various angles and in stages of dress.  Daniel paused and looked at one of the latter for a few moments, but then his outrage took over.

“Who’s Vegas brochures are these?” Daniel asked loudly.  No one answered.

Then he spotted Ike Davis in the corner.  He was thumbing through a “Win at Las Vegas Blackjack” book and stormed over.

“Ike!” Daniel said.  “What are you doing?”

“Just getting ready,” Ike said.  “I’m sure they’ll be sending me off any day.  If I can’t hit a lick, maybe my luck will be better at the tables.”

My teammate needs me! Daniel thought.  He grabbed his gym bag and ran over to an empty storage closet.  Moments later, he was dressed in his orange and blue Superhero costume and was rushing back toward Ike, the cape with the large number 28 trailing behind.

“Ike Davis!” the Superhero said. “Put down that book right now!”

“Oh, hi Superhero,” Ike said.  “What’s up?”

“Put down that book!” Daniel said.

“Why?” Ike said.  “We both know i’m being sent to Las Vegas.”

“That’s not a certainty, young slugger!  You don’t know that for sure.”

“Who are we kidding?” Ike said.

“Don’t you remember the time we saved you from the gnomes?” Daniel said.

“Yes,” Ike said.  “And I’m very thankful for that.  But I doubt the gnomes are even thinking about me now.”

“I bet that scared you pretty good,” Daniel said.

“It did,” Ike said.

“Have you ever thought maybe that’s why you’re stinking up the joint?” Daniel said.  “You’re so afraid of being kidnapped by the gnomes that your subconscious is making you strike out?”

“That’s not it,” Ike said.

“How do you know?” Daniel said.

“Because I’ve already spoken to someone about it,” Ike said.


“Dr. Phil,” Ike said.  “He said something about chickens in a henhouse don’t cause eggs to be scrambled or something like that.  Then he handed me a copy of his new book, Lifecode, and reminded me that it’s through his son’s publishing company.”

“Did he say anything else?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah,” Ike said.  “He said to stop swinging at bad pitches.”

“Well there,” Daniel said.  “You should listen to Dr. Phil.  In the meantime, I’ll take this.” Daniel reached out and plucked the blackjack book out of Ike’s hands.  “I’ll also be getting rid of these.” Daniel grabbed all the tourist brochures and threw them in the garbage.

“Aren’t you going to get rid of those?” Ike asked, pointing to the ads with pictures of the women on them.

“I’ll hold onto these,” Daniel said.  “We don’t want these to end up in the wrong hands.  Anyway, my work here is done.  Remember, Ike.  Listen to what Dr. Phil said.  Stop swinging at bad pitches.”

With that, the Superhero was gone.


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