Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 53

Daniel arrived at the ballpark and heard quite a commotion.

“What’s gong on?” he asked Ruben Tejada.

“Terry just caused a ruckus,” Ruben said.

“Uh oh,” Daniel said.  “What happened?”

“He just said that he doesn’t answer to the fans,” Ruben said.

“Oh, boy,” Daniel said.  “This could get ugly.”  Daniel pulled his phone out of his pocket.  “Let’s see what twitter is saying… oh, crap.”

“That doesn’t sound good,” Ruben said.

“It’s not,” Daniel said.  “My manager needs me.  This is a job for the Superhero!”

Daniel reached into his gym bag and pulled out his orange and blue Superhero costume.  Seconds later, he was changed and was running off towards the manager’s office.  Ruben Tejada, who had also donned the costume of El Once was right behind.

“Mr. Collins!” Daniel said, barging in  “Are you okay?”

“It’s the Superhero!” Terry said.  “Am I glad to see you!  I’ve had the most terrible day.  They kept on asking me questions about Jordany Valdespin and I just got so gosh darn frustrated I put my foot right in my mouth!”

“We know,” Ruben said.  “We saw that they were saying on twitter.”

“I didn’t mean to upset so many people,” Terry said.  “I just wish that the fans understood that I’m trying as hard as I can.”

“We know you are, Mr. Collins,” Daniel said.

“But I wish the fans knew.  It wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t care so much,” Terry said.

“So why don’t you tell them?” Ruben said.

“Do you think that will help?” Terry Collins said.

“It can’t hurt at this point,” Daniel said.  “But you have to do it the Howard Stern way.  You have to be self deprecating.  People relate to that.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” Terry said.  He called Jay Horwitz and asked for another press conference immediately.  A few minutes later, the press was gathered for an additional pre-game interview.

“What I said before was stupid,” Terry said.  “I didn’t mean that I don’t care about what the fans say.  I love the fans.  They care about this team just as much if not more than I do and I completely get it that they’re frustrated.  We’ve had too many losing seasons in a row and we’re off to a bad start.  To everyone I’ve offended, I’m truly sorry.  Right now, I shouldn’t be wearing this cap, I should be wearing this one.”

Terry reached under the table and pulled out a dunce cap.  He put it on his head and got a big laugh from the press corps.  “Are there any questions?”

At the other end of the room, the Superhero and El Once smiled.  “Well done, Mr. Collins,” Daniel said.  “Well done.”


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