Bullpen Burnout Update

The starting pitching (which was supposed to be a strength heading into spring training) has been falling apart, with the exception of Matt Harvey.  Starters haven’t made it through five innings the last three games. 


The bullpen burnout is coming – and it was coming even before the latest starting pitching implosion.


The Mets are 33 games into the season.  There are five guys in the pen with very heavy usage (perhaps not in innings, but in games played – which will catch up with them).


Scott Rice – 20 games.  Pace for 98 games.

Scott Atchison – 18 games.  Pace for 88.

LaTroy Hawkins – 17 games.  Pace for 83.

Brandon Lyon – 16 games.  Pace for 79.

Bobby Parnell – 15 games.  Pace for 74.



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