Bullpen Burnout – game 34 Edition

And the updated Bullpen Burnout figures are in…


After 34 games played, these 5 arms in the pen are being burned out at the following rate:


Scott Rice – 21 games pitched.  On pace for 100.

Scott Atchison – 18 games pitched.  Pace for 86.

Brandon Lyon – 17 games.  Pace for 81.

LaTroy Hawkins – 17 games.  Pace for 81.

Bobby Parnell – 16 games.  Pace for 76.


Only 15 times in the entire history of the Mets has a pitcher appeared in 76 or more games in a single season.   This year they’re headed to having 5 guys hit that mark or have their arms fall off first. 


Only 6 times has a pitcher appeared in at least 81 games.  This year we’re on pace for 4 of them.  


The top three totals were from Pedro Feliciano.  The record for appearances was 92 in 2010.  Rice is on pace to shatter that mark.  


Feliciano’s last pitch in a major league game that counted was his 92nd appearance in 2010.



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