Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 51


“Welcome back!  Today we have a very special guest,” Rachael Ray said.  “We have with us today our very own Superhero!  Welcome!”  


“Thank you for having me, Rachael,” Daniel Murphy said.  “I’m thrilled to be here.”


“Now even Superheroes need to eat,” Rachael said.  “So I have to ask the question that everyone has been wanting to know.  What do Superheroes like to eat?”


“I’m glad you asked that question, Rachael,” Daniel said.  “Superheroes are just like everyone else.  I like many of the same things that many in your audience like.  Pizza.  Chicken.  Hamburgers.”


“How about we make a nice spinach dip?” Rachael asked.


“I like spinach dip,” Daniel said.


“The Superhero likes spinach dip!” Rachael cheered to the audience, and the audience cheered and clapped back.


“He doesn’t like spinach dip!” a lone voice said from the audience.  


“Who said that?” Rachael asked, suddenly very annoyed.  “Everyone likes spinach dip!”


“The Superhero doesn’t!” the voice said.  Everyone looked around.  No one could tell where it was coming from.  Moments later, a little figure appeared, having parted the ways through several of the audience members.  “He doesn’t like spinach dip and I can prove it!”


Daniel Murphy glared when he saw who was causing the ruckus.  It was the same ugly little pinstriped gnome that tried to kidnap Ike Davis a few weeks earlier.  


“I’m sorry about this, Rachael,” Daniel said.


“No he’s not!” the gnome said.  “And he doesn’t like spinach dip!  Roll the tape!”


The lights in the audience dimmed, and on the overhead monitor, an image of the Superhero appeared.  At least, it was someone dressed in an orange and blue Superhero costume with a cape with a large number 28 on the back.  Except that the figure dressed as the Superhero was really short.  And hairy.  And particularly ugly.  


“I’m the Superhero and I can’t stand spinach dip!” the figure on the video said.  “I think it’s gross!  It makes me want to puke!” 


The lights in the studio went back on.  “See?” the ugly little gnome said.  “Straight out of his own mouth!  He hates spinach dip!”


“That didn’t look anything like the Superhero,” Rachael Ray said.  “It kind of looked like you in a Superhero costume.”


The ugly little gnome got very angry.  “Listen, lady!  Who are you going to believe?  The Superhero or your own eyes?  He doesn’t like spinach dip!”


“Rachael,” Daniel said.  “Do you mind if we change things up for a moment and make a dessert?”


“What kind of dessert, Superhero?” Rachael asked.


“The kind that requires this,” Daniel said, pulling a can of whipped cream out of his cape. 


“Noooooo!!!” the gnome screamed.


Daniel quickly leapt over the counter and started spraying the gnome.  The gnome took off in terror.  The audience clapped and cheered loudly.


“Sorry about that distraction, Rachael,” Daniel said.  “Now let’s get back to that yummy spinach dip.”


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