Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 45

Daniel Murphy was not having a good day.  His team had just been swept in a three game weekend series, and he want 0 for 12 during the span.

He was getting ready to get on the team bus when he spotted someone and something familiar out of the corner of his eye.

“I know who you are,” the Old Lady said.  “Your Superhero powers didn’t come in all to handy this weekend.”

“There’s always tomorrow.  There’s always another game,” Daniel said.

“In Florida?” the Old Lady said.  “Don’t make me laugh.  Even my precious little Utley can beat them with one paw tied behind his back.”

Daniel looked down and the Old Lady’s cat Utley was curled at her feet, grinning at him.

“We’ll win next time,” Daniel said.

“You think so, Superhero?”  the Old Lady said.  “We shall see.  I’d bet my bottom cheesesteak that you won’t.  Get him Utley!”

In a flash, Utley sprang at Daniel, a flying flea bomb of hissing hair and claws.  Were it not for Daniel’s incredible athletic ability and superb reflexes that enable him to hit a ninety five mile per hour heater, he would have sustained serious injury, but he was able to avoid Utley easily.

Daniel turned to face the Old Lady, but she was gone.  All that was left behind was a red hat with the letter “P” on it.

“Next time,” Daniel said.  “I have no doubt we will meet again.”



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