Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 43


Daniel was at his usual position at second base, where he was envisioning making a highlight play to save the game when something terrible happened.  A ball was hit hard back toward the mound and struck Jon Niese.  


Oh no! Daniel thought.  That’s terrible!  


Before long, it became apparent that Jon wasn’t going to be able to continue.  When Robert Carson came in to warm up, Daniel knew he had to act.  Knowing that Robert would have as much time to get ready as he needed, Daniel snuck off the field.  He raced into the clubhouse and grabbed his gym bag.  Moments later, he was clad in his orange and blue Superhero costume and was headed toward the trainer’s room – cape with the large 28 on the back trailing behind.


“Are you okay, Jon?” Daniel asked, bursting into the room.


“Superhero!” Jon Niese said.  “Am I ever glad to see you!  It hurts!”


“I’m sure it does,” Daniel said.  “Are you going to be alright?”


“I don’t know,” Jon said.  “I hope so.”


“I hope so, too,” Daniel said.  “The team needs you.  So get well soon, okay?”


“Okay,” Jon said.  “I’ll try.”


“I’m sure you will,” Daniel said.  


“Where’s Murphy?!?” Daniel heard Terry Collins yell, his voice from the dugout carrying all the way down to the trainer’s room.  “Carson’s almost ready!  Someone find him, dammit!”


“I have to go,” Daniel said.  “My work here is done.  Feel better.”


Before Jon could get a good look at him, the Superhero was gone. 


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