Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 42


It was an off day in the New York and Daniel was happy.  And why wouldn’t he be, after all?  He was a Doubles Hitting Machine off to a strong start, the team has just taken two out of three over the weekend, and he had managed to save Matt Harvey from the evil clutches of the Capitol Clown.  Even the memory of getting peed on by a pesky poodle couldn’t spoil his mood.


What should a Superhero do on an off day in New York City? Daniel thought. 


As if in answer to his thoughts, his phone rang.  He recognized the number instantly.  “Hey Ruben,” Daniel said.


“Hey Daniel.  I was just thinking.  Want to go see that musical?”


“What musical?” Daniel asked.


“You know… the musical about that super hero that fights the bad guys and shoots webs.”


“That’s a great idea, Ruben!” Daniel said.  “Why shouldn’t a couple of Superheroes like you and I go see a musical about a super hero?”


So they went.  And they watched people in spandex singing and dancing and and flying and fighting and they had a grand old time. 


“Wasn’t that awesome?” Ruben said as they left the theater.


“It sure was,” Daniel said.  “Although I did have to fight the urge to grab my gym bag when that mean old villian came out to attack our hero.”


“See you at the park, tomorrow,” Ruben said.


“See you, Ruben,” Daniel said.  After Ruben had gone, Daniel looked at his gym bag, which he had been holding onto all night.  “Somewhere, someone out here in this city needs me.  For I am the Superhero!”  Daniel ducked into an alley and moments later, he was changed into his orange and blue Superhero costume.  “Look out bad guys!  Here I come!” 


With that, Daniel went running off into the night, his cape with the large number 28 trailing behind…


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