Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 41

Daniel Murphy arrived at the ballpark and found everyone in the clubhouse ooing and aahing.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Check out this cool Ron Darling bobblehead!” Ike Davis said.  “It’s head goes like this!” Ike did a demonstration with his head as if he was a giant bobble.

“Everybody!  Let’s do the Bobble!” Jordany Valdespin said enthusiastically.

Moments later, the entire team was doing the bobble.  Everyone was having a good time until…

“Owwww…..” Lucas Duda cried out all of a sudden.  “My neck!”

“Uh oh,” Daniel thought.  He knew he needed to spring into action.  He grabbed his gym bag and raced out of the clubhouse.  He made his way to the storage closet where just two days earlier the Capitol Clown had tied up Matt Harvey.  He quickly changed, ignoring the faint urine scent left over from where he was peed on by the poodle the previous day and ran back to the clubhouse, the cape with the large number 28 trailing behind.

“It’s the Superhero!” Justin Turner said.

“Yes!  It is I!” Daniel said.  “Everyone stop what they’re doing immediately!  Everyone stop doing the Bobble!”

“Why?” Josh Edgin asked.

“We don’t want anyone else to get hurt,” Daniel said.  “Are you okay, Lucas?”

“Yeah.  I think so,” Lucas said.  “I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“Is your neck feeling better?  Do you think you can play today?”

“I think so.”

“Good,” Daniel said.  “Then my work here is done.”  Before anyone could get a good look at him, he was gone.

“We were lucky the Superhero showed up today,” Lucas said.

“Yes,” Bobby Parnell said.  “Very lucky indeed.”


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