Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 40

Daniel Murphy arrived at the park early when he heard a disturbing sound.

“What in the world can that be?” Daniel thought.  “That sounds like a legion of dogs barking!”

Daniel’s mind began to spin.  What could be causing so many dogs to be at the park?  His Superhero brain raced through every possible option.  He could only think of one logical answer.

“The dogs must be after the cat named Utley!”

In a flash, Daniel grabbed his gym bag and pulled out his orange and blue Superhero costume. Moments later, he was sprinting toward the barking dogs  with his cape with the large number 28 trailing behind.

“Where’s that cat!” the Superhero said when he made his way to group of dogs.

“Huh?” a few confused dog owners said, looking at him.  “It’s Bark in the Park Day, dude.”

“It’s what?” Daniel said.

“Bark in the Park.  You bring your dogs to the stadium.”

“Oh,” Daniel said, looking embarrassed.  “My bad.”

All of a sudden, Daniel felt something warm on his leg.  He looked down, and  he saw a poodle with its leg raised, using him as its own personal fire hydrant.

“Sorry,” the owner of the poodle said.

“Um,” Daniel said.  “I think I’ll be going now.”   Before anyone could get a good look at him, he was gone.


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