Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 38


The team was down after losing their third straight in Denver.  

“Everyone, cheer up!  The season’s not over yet!  It’s only April 18th!” Daniel Murphy said.


“But we just lost three straight,” Ike Davis said.  “And I’m only hitting .146.”


“And I’ve made six errors,” Ruben Tejada said.


“And my ERA is over 9,” Josh Edgin said.


“That may all be true,” Daniel said.  “But there’s still plenty of baseball left!”


“Sure,” Dillon Gee said.  “Spoken like someone who’s batting .352 with 7 doubles and 11 RBI.”


“Well, just because I have an awesome average and I’m a Doubles Hitting Machine…” Daniel said.


The team came very close to getting into a major bicker.  Perhaps it was the cold.  Perhaps it was frustration.  But Daniel knew he needed to act fast.  


“Excuse me,” he said.  Daniel grabbed his gym bag and ran out of the visitors clubhouse.  He found an empty closet and reached quickly changed into his orange and blue Superhero costume.  Moments later, he returned, his cape with the large number 28 trailing behind.


“Have no fear, the Superhero is here!”


“Hey, Superhero!” Jordany Valdespin said.  “What’s up?”


“Hi Jordany,” Daniel said.  “Wearing that cup I gave you?”


“No,” Jordany said.


“Why not?”


“It’s been freaking cold,” Jordany said.  “No need.  Like shrinkage, you know?”


“Oh,” Daniel said, not quite sure what to say.  “Just remember to wear it tomorrow, okay?  Anyway… I hear that there’s been a little grumbling among some of you.”


“We suck,” Kirk Nieuwenhuis said.


“Don’t say that, Kirk,” Daniel said.  “You gotta have heart.  Miles and miles of heart.  The sun will come up tomorrow, and I bet your bottom dollar that Matt Harvey will be pitching and you’ll win the game!”


“You really think so?” Jon Niese said.


“If I were allowed to bet on baseball, I’d bet on it.”


The team let out a cheer.  Daniel smiled.  


“My work here is done,” Daniel said.  “Fare thee well, team.  See you in New York!”  


Before anyone could get a good look at him, Daniel was gone.  


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