How are the 2013 Mets comparing to recent years?


Through the first eleven games, the 2013 version of the Mets are playing impressive ball.  The offense has been better than anyone could have expected and they’re playing at a 7-4 clip with a .636 winning percentage, have scored 69 runs (6.27 per game), and have given up only 45 (4.09 per game).


In 2012:

13-10 in April

28-23 through May

43-36 through June

31-52 afterward.


In 2011:

11-16 in April

25-29 through May

41-40 through June

36-45 afterward.


In 2010:

14-9 in April

26-26 through May

44-34 through June

35-49 thereafter


In 2009:

9-12 in April

28-21 through May

37-39 through June

33-53 thereafter


In 2008:

14-12 through April

27-27 through May

40-42 through June

49-31 thereafter


In 2007: 

15-9 in April

34-18 through May

46-33 through June

42-41 thereafter


The Mets haven’t played well in the second half since 2008.  This is why we remain skeptical at a good start until proven otherwise. 


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