Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 36

The team had finished up their trip to Philly.  The Old Lady and the cat named Utley didn’t make another appearance, but Daniel was still bothered by the encounter.  His mind wandered for a moment when Jimmy Rollins gave him a little “meow” right before Ike Davis’ fly ball was caught.  He was distracted just long enough to get doubled off at second base.

But that was than.  It was time to head off to Minnesota, where the forecast was for snow.

Soon after arriving, some of the team was snugged into their beds.  Others went off to roam the Mall of America.  But there was one man who had a different idea.  Jay Horwitz.  He decided to be a mensch and thought he’s help out the hotel staff.  He grabbed a shovel and started to head outside to help shovel the walk.

When Daniel saw this, he knew he’d have to jump into action.

“Jay shouldn’t be shoveling!  He has a bad ankle!  I can’t let him slip and get hurt again!”

Daniel reached into his gym bag and pulled out his orange and blue Superhero costume.  Moments later, he was running down the hall and past the rooms where – undoubtedly – some of his teammates were getting their grooves on, and out the lobby door.

“Mr. Horwitz!  Stop what you’re doing!”

Jay Horwitz spun, nearly slipping on the icy sidewalk.  “Hey there, Superhero!  I didn’t know you were in Minnesota!”

“Stop right now, Mr. Horwitz!  I don’t want you to hurt yourself!  Please, put down the shovel!”

Jay Horwitz slowly put the shovel down.

“Now step back, Mr. Horwitz.  It’s okay.  Everything will be alright.”

“But I wanted to be helpful,” Mr. Horwitz said.

“You’re always helpful, Mr. Horwitz,” Daniel said.  “Now please, let me help you.  Let me shovel the walk for you.”

And so the Superhero did.  Daniel shoveled that walk quickly, as only an elite Doubles Hitting Machine can do.  Daniel even had no doubt that the previously problematic intercostal would be an issue.

When Daniel was done, Mr. Horwitz thanked him.

“Thank you, Superhero.  That’s a mighty fine job.”

“No need to thank me, Mr. Horwitz.  I’m just glad to be able to help.”

Before Jay Horwitz could get a better look at him, Daniel Murphy was gone.


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