Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 29

There were some nervous looking men in the Port St. Lucie clubhouse.  The team was getting bags packed to load on trucks to head to New York.  The last few roster spots had yet to be announced.

One very nervous looking man was Scott Rice.  “Please let me make the team,” he told himself as he sat as his locker.

“Are you okay, Scott?” Daniel asked.

“I’m nervous,” Scott said.  “I’ve been waiting fourteen years to make it to the majors.  I’m so close.  I’m worried that when Terry Collins calls me into his office, it will be to tell me I’m getting cut.”

Oh no! Daniel thought.  My teammate needs me! Even if he’s not my teammate after today, he still needs me!

“Wait right here, Scott,” Daniel said.

Daniel Murphy ran out of the room, grabbing his gym bag from his locker.  When he was out of sight, he pulled his orange and blue Superhero costume out and quickly changed in the hall.  Moments later, he was racing into the room with his cape with the large number 28 trailing behind.

“It’s the Superhero!” Scott said.

“It is I!” Daniel said.  “I am here to help!”

“You’re here to tell me that I made the team?” Scott asked excitedly.

“No,” Daniel said.  “But I can offer friendly words of encouragement!”

“Such as?” Scott asked.

Daniel was stumped.  He hasn’t thought that far ahead.  “Ummm… if you don’t make the team, just remember they still travel by plane in AAA!”

“Uh… thanks?” Scott said.

With that, Terry Collins entered the clubhouse.  “Scott, can I see you in my office?”

Scott gulped.  It was that time.

“Good luck, aging rookie,” Daniel said.

“Thanks, Superhero,” Scott said.

Daniel paced back and forth in the clubhouse, waiting for Scott’s return.  A few minutes later, Scott Rice came running back in, a wide ear to ear grin on his face.

“I made it!  I made it!  I made the team!”

“Congratulations, Scott.  I’m very happy for you.”  Before Scott could get a good look at his face, Daniel Murphy ran out of the clubhouse.



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