April Bobbleheads around the Majors


Diamondbacks – Eric Young – April 21st

Dodgers – Hanley Ramirez – April 30th

Padres – Chase Headley – April 13th

Giants – Buster Posey – April 6th

Reds – Brandon Phillips – April 20th

Brewers – Norichika Aoki – April 7th

              – George Scott – April 21st

Pirates – Andrew McCutchen – April 20th

Cardinals – Carlos Beltran – April 28th

Mets – Ron Darling – April 21st

Nationals – Player TBD – April 13th

Astros – Jose Altuve – April 20th

Angels – Mike Trout – April 13th

Athletics – Reggie Jackson – April 27th

White Sox – Harold Baines – April 27th

Rays – Astro the Dog – April 21st

Blue Jays – Edwin Encarnacion – April 21st



There you have it – 16 teams are giving away 17 different bobbleheads during April.  


I know I’m biased, but the Ron Darling one is one of the best of the month.  The Reggie Jackson and Harold Baines ones are also worth checking out. 


Image  Image  Image



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