Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 26

There was a buzz in the Port St. Lucie clubhouse.  Word was quickly spreading.  David Wright was just named Captain.

There were high fives all around.  “That’s awesome!” Ike Davis said.

“You are the man right now!” Jordany Valdespin said.

“Esto es genial!” said Johan Santana.

“Time to get ready for the press conference!” Terry Collins said to David.  “Sandy Alderson is waiting.”

David and Terry made their way to the podium.  Sandy was already there and was holding a blue jersey with the number 5 and “WRIGHT” stitched on the back.  On the front, was a big letter “C”.

When David saw this, he frowned.  He didn’t want a C on the jersey.  “This is baseball, not hockey.”

“Uh oh,” Daniel said to himself.  “My teammate needs me!”

Daniel quickly ran out of the press conference room and to his locker.  He reached inside his gym bag, and at the bottom, he pulled out his orange and blue superhero costume.  He quickly put it on and ran over to David’s locker.  He spotted on one of the hooks a fresh, new jersey that did not have the “C” stitched on it yet.

“Here we go!” Daniel said giddily.  He rushed back to the press conference area, his cape with the number 28 on the back trailing behind.

“Wait!” Daniel said.  “Hold the press conference!”

The reporters all spun and looked.  “It’s the Superhero!”

“Today is not about me, fair reporters.  Today is about David Wright.  Turn away.  Nothing to look at here.”  Daniel made his way over to Sandy Alderson.  “I think David will find this jersey much more satisfactory, Mr. Alderson.”

Sandy looked at the jersey and smiled.  “Yes, I believe he will.  Thank you Superhero.”

“No need to thank me,” Daniel said.  “I’m just glad to be able to help.”

Before anyone in the room could get a good look at him, Daniel Murphy was gone.



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