San Francisco of All Places???

I personally like the World Baseball Classic.  Yes, it is an exhibition tournament, and once the MLB season starts – it will be a distant memory.  Yes, I can understand why teams (and fans) wouldn’t want their stars playing in it – particularly seeing their pitchers perform.  I get all that, and I still like it.  It’s fun.  It’s exciting.  And it sure beats watching meaningless exhibition games that get rather dull after the first weekend.
I didn’t have an issue with David Wright being in the tournament.  He could have been hurt just as easily in Port St. Lucie.  Others may debate that issue, which is fine.  You have your opinion.  I have mine.  We’ll leave it at that.
What I certainly don’t understand is why the finals are being held in San Francisco.
It’s March.  Last time I checked, San Francisco isn’t exactly a warm weather climate.  Last time I checked, AT&T Park didn’t have a retractable roof.  AT&T doesn’t get as cold as Candlestick, but why on earth are the finals being held at night in San Francisco in March?   Miami, OK.  Los Angeles, OK.  San Diego, OK.  Phoenix, OK. Anywhere with a ceiling, OK.  But San Francisco? 
Isn’t the point of having Spring Training in Arizona and Florida to keep the players out of the cold in March?  Once the regular season rolls around in April, it’s open season (although I’m still of the opinion that non-domed teams in colder weather cities should open with a weeklong road trip).  Just imagine the uproar if a Major League star pulls something due to the cold in an exhibition.  It’s a far cry from pulling something in the cold for your own team or in the postseason.
And from the tons of empty seats and $8 tickets being offered – it’s not like they’re playing the finals in San Francisco due to an overwhelming demand for this particular venue.
Just saying…

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