The Curious Case of Jordany Valdespin

Jordany Valdespin is certainly making a case for himself to make the opening day roster.  When I put together my pre-exhibition game projections as to the 25 that would break camp – he wasn’t on it.  He’s playing his way onto the roster, and with Kirk Niewenhuis’s lagging knee injury and slow start, coupled with the fact that Kirk wasn’t exactly going gangbusters when he went down – with two weeks until opening day, Jordany has to this point earned it.

Kirk didn’t make the team out of spring training last season.  He also finished the season in the minors.  Nothing is guaranteed to him at this point and Jordany is not only a left handed bat, just like Kirk – he also has some speed, which the team doesn’t have.

Yes, Jordany has been getting more playing time in the infield this spring, but he spent the whole winter playing the outfield.  Duda will still break in Left.  Cowgill will still have part of the platoon in Center.  Byrd will start the season in Right.  Even though he hasn’t done a tremendous amount this spring, I still feel Baxter will break camp as the 5th outfielder.  Which leaves one more spot to either Jordany or Kirk.

He may not walk.  But he’s outplayed his competition.   If the season is starting tomorrow, he’s going north.


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