Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 25

Daniel Murphy was looking forward to today’s game in Port St. Lucie.   Even though he wasn’t in the starting lineup, he was getting closer to regular game action.  It was also St. Patrick’s day and with the last name of Murphy, he was getting a lot of attention.  There were plenty of green “Murphy” jerseys and shirts in the stands and he had many invites to go out for a beer after the game.

But all that would have to wait.  “How are the cajones feeling today, Jordany?” Daniel asked when he saw his teammate’s name in the starting lineup, batting first and playing second base.  “I see you’re not limping as badly today.”

“They’re feeling top of the morning!” Jordany said, flashing Daniel a big smile.

Daniel laughed.  “Glad to hear it!”

As the team was starting to head upstairs, Daniel heard a little scuffling sound coming from the far back of the clubhouse.  He went off to investigate.

In the corner, going through the buckets of bubblegum, he saw a curious little creature in a green hat and jacket.  “What are you doing there?” Daniel asked.

The thing turned and looked at him.  Daniel couldn’t believe it.  It was a leprechaun. “Top of the morning, to ya!” it said.  “I’ve misplaced me pot of gold.  Can you help me find it?”

“You’re looking for your pot of gold here?”

“Why not?” it said.  “Sandy has been cutting payroll.  Maybe he stashed some of it here.”

“Good point,” Daniel said.  “You know, you’re really not supposed to be here.”

“I can go wherever I well please today, Mr. Murphy,” the leprechaun said.  “You should very well know that.”

“I can assure you there’s no gold there,” Daniel said.  “It’s just bubblegum.”

“Leave me alone, Murphy if you know what’s good for you!” the leprechaun said, starting to get nasty.

“Uh, okay…” Daniel said, backing away.  I need to investigate this a little further, he thought to himself.   He made his way to his locker and reached into his gym bag.  Within moments, he had changed into his orange and blue Superhero costume with the cape with the large number 28.  He quietly began to make his way back to where the leprechaun was.

“That stupid Murphy,” the leprechaun was muttering to himself.  “Fell for the old pot of gold line.”

Daniel peered a little closer.  What’s that under his jacket? he thought.  He was able to see that the little thing was wearing a pinstriped outfit under his green jacket.  That’s not a leprechaun!  That’s a gnome of the Evil Empire in disguise!

“Halt!” Superhero Murphy yelled.  “You’re no leprechaun!  Hands off the bubble gum!”

The gnome shrieked and dropped the bubblegum.  The gnome spun and glared at Daniel.  “It’s the Superhero!”

“Yes,” Daniel said.  “And you don’t have all your friends to help you this time.  You’re outnumbered – one to one!”

The gnome’s face went pale.  “Hey, look!” the gnome said, pointing.  “The Goodyear Blimp!”

“Where?” Daniel said, turning to see.

The gnome took this momentary distraction to make his escape.  He dashed past the Superhero and out of the clubhouse.

“You managed to escape this time,” Daniel said.  “But next time, maybe you won’t be so lucky.”


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