Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 24

Daniel Murphy saw Jordany Valdespin limping around the clubhouse.  “What’s wrong, Jordany?” he asked.

“My cahones are sore,” Jordany said.

“Still?” Daniel asked.  “You got hit there days ago.”

“I know,” Jordany said.  “But Justin Verlander throws hard.  I haven’t been able to get my groove on for days.”

Daniel thought for a few moments.  “Wait right here, Jordany.”  Daniel ran off to his locker to fetch his orange and blue superhero costume from the bottom of his gym bag.  On the way, he ran into Ruben Tejada.

“What’s the rush, Daniel?” Ruben asked.

“It’s Jordany,” Daniel said.

“Is he still complaining about his balls?” Ruben asked.

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“I think this is a job for the Double Play Combination,” Ruben said.

“Let’s do it!” Daniel said.  The pair ran off to their respective lockers.  Within moments, the two were dressed in their nearly matching blue and orange superhero outfits – Daniel’s with the cape with the large number 28, and Ruben’s with the cape with the large number 11 and the Panama flag on the chest.

“Superhero and El Once!” Jordany said when he saw them.

“We hear you are in need of assistance!” Ruben said.

“I haven’t felt right since I got hit squarely in the nuts with the fastball,” Jordany said.

“Were you wearing a cup?” Superhero Murphy asked.

“No,” Jordany said.

“You do know he throws 100 miles per hour, right?” El Once asked.

“Yeah,” Jordany asked.

“Wear one of these next time,” Daniel said, handing him a cup.

Jordany sniffed it and gave Superhero Murphy a funny look.

“No one else has used it, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Daniel said.

“And here,” El Once said, handing Jordany a bag of ice.  “Put this were it hurts.  Once the swelling goes down, you’ll be getting your groove back on in no time!”

“Thank you Double Play Combination!  What would I ever have done without you?”

“Just glad to be able to help,” Superhero Murphy said.  Before Jordany could get a good look at their faces, Daniel and Ruben were gone.



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