Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 23

It was 3:30am when Daniel Murphy’s phone rang.

“Hello?” he said groggily.  He had been dreaming of hitting .300 with 40 doubles and driving in 100 runs.  There was no answer on the other end of the line.

“Hello?” Daniel said a little louder.  Still no answer.  He looked at the caller ID on his phone.  It was a number he recognized.  PR guru extraordinaire Jay Horwitz.

He began to get worried.  A call in the middle of the night with no one on the other end.  “This is serious!” he thought.

Daniel lept out of bed and grabbed his gym bag.  At the bottom, he found what he was looking for – his orange and blue superhero costume.  He quickly put it on and was soon running out the door with his cape with the large number 28 on the back trailing behind.

“Mr. Horwitz needs me!” Daniel thought.

It’s not often one sees a Superhero running down the street, especially at 3:30 in the morning – but anyone who was up and about at that early morning hour would have seen the deceptive speed of Superhero Murphy as he raced to Mr. Horwitz’s rescue.

Minutes later, Daniel reached Mr. Horwitz’s hotel.  Any regular person would have been out of breath, but not our hero.  A super-elite-world-class athlete such as him had nary broken a sweat.  “Mr. Horwitz!” Daniel called.  “It is I!  The Superhero!  Are you alright?”

Moments later, Mr. Horwitz came out, wearing his robe and slippers.

“Are you okay, Mr. Horwitz?” the Superhero asked.

“Yes,” Mr. Horwitz said.  “I’m not sure why you’re here, though.”

“You called Daniel Murphy and weren’t on the other end.  He was worried about you and he called me.”

Mr. Horwitz reached into his robe pocket and pulled out his phone.  “Whoops,” he said, looking at the call history.  “I was up late working and I guess I pocket dialed him.”  Mr. Horwitz frowned.  “Whoops.  I pocket dialed quite a few people.  I really have to stop doing that…”

“Well then,” Daniel said.  “I guess my work here is done.”

“Thank you, Superhero,” Mr. Horwitz said.  “And tell Daniel I’m sorry.”

“I will, Mr. Horwitz,” Daniel said.  “And please try to watch the pocket dialing.”  Before Mr. Horwitz could get a good look at the Superhero’s face, he was gone.  Image


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