Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 21

“Take them away!  To the garden with them!”

The gnomes began to drag Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejada away.  “Ha ha ha ha!  You’re going to be fertilizer for the Empire!” one of the nasty little things mocked the pair.  “Not so super now, are we?”

No matter how hard the Double Play Combination struggled, they couldn’t break free.  “El Once,” Daniel said.  “If we don’t make it through this, I couldn’t have asked for a better sidekick.”

“I’m proud to have been your partner, Superhero,” Ruben said.  “Fare thee well, mi amigo.”

Just as the the duo was accepting their unfortunate fate, and just as Ike Davis was being dragged off in the opposite direction to be enslaved as a servant of the Evil Empire, there was a loud crash as someone kicked in the doors of the weight room.  Daniel struggled to see what was going on, but he was covered in gnomes and couldn’t see anything but pinstripes.

“Redbeard!” he heard Ike Davis yell.  “Help!  Please help!”

“Redbeard is here?” Ruben said.  “Superhero, we have a fighting chance!”

The angry gnomes began to rush at Redbeard.  The figure in the bright red jumpsuit and firey red beard quickly reached into his cape with the large number two on the back and pulled out two objects and began shaking them.  He pointed the nozzles at the oncoming gnomes and squeezed.  Whipped cream started spraying everywhere.

“Noooooooo!” the gnomes who were just assulted by the whipped cream strated screaming.  The gnomes holding Daniel and Ruben were distracted just long enough for the pair to wriggle free.

“Superhero!  El Once!  Help Ike!  I’ll hold them off!” Redbeard said.  He emptied the whipped cream containers and reached into his cape for two more and began spraying again.

Superhero Murphy began throwing rights and lefts at the pinstriped gnomes as he fought his way toward Ike.  El Once was kicking and karate chopping gnomes left and right.  The remaining gnomes began to scatter, but the ugly gnome leader stood his ground.  He held onto Ike firmly.

“You’re not going to steal my prize so easily!  El Capi-Tan will reward me!”

“Superhero, catch!” Redbeard said and tossed Daniel a container.  Daniel used his superior hand-eye coordination and deftly caught the container and pulled a perfect double play pivot.  In one fluid motion he spun and shot the gnome with a full container of cream, dropping the offending little creature to the ground in a writhing heap.

“Take that, you dirty little thing!” Ike said and kicked the gnome squarely in the ribs.  The gnome squealed in pain and scurried off after the rest of his brethern, who had been quickly retreating.

The four remaining figures stood there and viewed the aftermath, and unholy mess with cream splattered everywhere.

“Thank you, Redbeard,” Daniel said.  “Today, you were the Superhero.”

“Glad I could help,”  Redbeard said.

“I don’t get it,” Ike said.  “Why whipped cream?”

“Minions of the Evil Empire only celebrate with champagne,” Redbeard said.  “And even then, only after a championship.  They can’t stand celebrating with whipped cream.  Works every time.”


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