Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 20

Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejada were in the Port St. Lucie facilities early.  As they were preparing to head off to the weight room, they heard a loud bang of a door in the hallway being thrown open, followed by what sounded like dozens of scurrying feet.  The pair looked at each other in alarm.  Daniel poked his head out of the clubhouse and saw a terrifying scene.

There was an army of pinstriped gnomes charging toward the weight room.  “We need a first baseman!  This one will do!  We need a first baseman!  This one will do!”

Daniel knew who the gnomes were after.  Only one other teammate had arrived at the facilities before Daniel and Ruben.  The gnomes were after Ike Davis.

“Ruben, quick!” Daniel said.  “The Evil Empire is back!  Our teammate needs us!”

Daniel and Ruben quickly grabbed their gym bags and pulled out their nearly matching orange and blue superhero costumes.  Within moments, they were streaking down the hall in hot pursuit of the gnomes, capes with the numbers 28 and 11 trailing behind.

By the time the Double Play Combination made it to the weight room, the gnomes were all over Ike Davis.  He was covered in gnomes.  There were gnomes on his legs.  There were gnomes on his arms.  There were gnomes on his back.  He was quickly being overpowered.

“Help!” Ike screamed.  “There’s too many of them!”

Daniel surged forward.  Several gnomes turned their attention from Ike and focused it on the Superhero.  Daniel gave the first one a roundhouse right and sent him flying into the wall.  Ruben gave a roundhouse kick to the first gnome that charged at him, hearing a big CRACK! as  Ruben’s foot met the gnome’s jaw.

But there were just too many of them.  The gnomes quickly overpowered the Superhero and El Once.  Within moments, all three were covered in gnomes and immobilized.  There was nothing any of them could do.

“Stop struggling!” a particularly ugly little gnome hissed.  “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop right now!”

Moments later, a tall figure strode into the weight room.  Daniel, Ruben, and Ike’s eyes all went wide.  “Oh, crap,” Ike said under his breath.

“Silence!” another not-quite-as-ugly gnome snapped.  “Do not speak to El Capi-Tan unless spoken to!”

“You’ve done well,” El Capi-Tan said.  “This one should serve the Empire in a most satisfactory manner.  He hits lefty.  Perfect for the short right porch.  He is adept with the glove.  You shall be rewarded.”

“Thank you, El Capi-Tan,” the leader of the gnomes said, bowing deeply.  “We are glad to have served you well.  What of the other two?”

“The Double Play Combination?  The Empire has no need for either of them.  Dispose of them however you wish.”

“Yes, El Capi-Tan,” the gnome leader said.  El Capi-Tan turned and left.

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary,” the gnome said with an evil grin on his face.  “How does your garden grow?  Take them away!  To the garden with them!”

To be continued…


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