X-Files Conspiracy Theory – Mariano Pimping Yankee Tickets?

Again, this is just me thinking out loud, but some things just make you go hmmmm…..

Mariano Rivera is a first class act.  I like the guy.  He’s great to watch and when he’s on the mound, we’ve long known he’s a Living Legend in action.

But with the Yankees aging and on the apparent downswing, and this being a season where the Bombers may very well be in danger of not making the playoffs – did the Yankees ask him to  make his decision to retire at year’s end public?  Let’s remember – last year before he tore his knee, he had already made his decision.  Had he not gotten hurt, last year would have been his last.

That was last year.  The Yankees were expected to make the playoffs all along, which they did. The Stadium would draw (even if they didn’t sell out).

But this year is different.  The team is aging.  The division has caught up and very possibly passed them by.  Tex and Grandy are hurt.  By the time May rolls around, the team may be buried in the standings and there may be a summer of irrelevance in the Bronx the same as there will be in Queens.

Knowing this, did the brass ask for Mariano’s help to keep the Stadium packed this year?  If you think being able to say goodbye to Mo one last time isn’t an incentive to buy tickets, just look at the final home game on a Thursday at the end of September.  All the cheap seats are already gone.  If the team isn’t going to make playoff revenue this year, they need to maximize in-season as much as they can.

Just thinking…


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