Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 17

Daniel Murphy was tossing and turning in his bed.  He was not sleeping well this evening.  Usually, the Doubles Hitting Machine sleeps like a baby, dreaming of hitting a game-winnig home run and getting mobbed at home plate by his teammates, followed by a celebratory cream pie from Justin Turner.  But tonight was different.  Tonight his dreams were uneasy.

“You’ll never catch me!” the Gnome in Daniel’s dream mocked him.  “And I’ll take all your bubblegum!”  The Gnome morphed into a hissing cat that leapt at him.

“Ow!” Daniel said in his sleep.

“You leave my poor little Utley alone!” the old lady in his dream yelled at Daniel as the cat hissed and swatted at him.  The cat shifted into a giant clown.

“That’s a clown question, bro!” the Capitol Clown said, throwing bags of sunflower seeds at him.

“No!  No!  No!” Daniel screamed.  He sat up abruptly, suddenly wide awake and in a cold sweat.  He spotted a shadowy figure on the far side of the room.  “Who’s there?” Daniel whispered.

The figure in the room took a step toward him.  Daniel squinted in the semi-darkness, trying  to get a good look.  Could it be???

“You thought you were rid of me, Superhero…” the figure said.  “But you were wrong.  I… will… haunt… you…”  The figure took another step out of the shadows, arm outstretched, pointing at Daniel.

“It’s you!!!” Daniel said.

“Yesssss…” the figure said, spitting out a mouthful of sunflower seeds.  “I… will… haunt… you…” The figure began waiving his outstretched hand up and down in a tomahawk motion.  “You… haven’t… seen… the… last… of… me…”  With that, the figure began to fade and disappear.

“Oh no!” Daniel said.  “It’s the Ghost of Larry!”


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