Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 13

With the team playing on the road today and with neither Daniel Murphy or Ruben Tejada making the trip due to nursing minor injuries, Daniel thought it would be a good opportunity to further Ruben’s superhero training.

“But the Wonderful Wizard of Lobs said my training was complete,” Ruben said.

“Almost,” Daniel said.  “But there is one major thing that is missing.”

“What is that?” Ruben asked.

“Your name.  Every Superhero needs a name,” Daniel said.

“Ah…” Ruben said.  “But yours is so simple.  You’re Superhero.”

“Some only need to be known by one name.  Pedro.  Mickey.  Pele.  Madonna.  Superhero.  With greatness, you transcend to that level.  You’re not there yet.”

“Oh,” Ruben said, not quite sure if he understood.  “What shall I be called?”

“I’ve been thinking about that one,” Daniel said.  “I’ve been thinking long and hard.  We can call you Panama Jack.  We could call you the Panama Canal.  Neither of those seem fitting.  The right answer has yet to come to me.  But something tells me your name shall choose itself.  When it is time, your superhero name will come to you.  But until it does, I want you to have this…”

Daniel reached into his gym bag and pulled out a blue and orange costume, similar to the one he wore, except this one had a Panamanian flag on the chest.  The cape had a large number 11 on the back.

“You’ve earned it,” Daniel said.  “When the time is right, you will put it to good use.”

“When will it be time,” Ruben asked.

“You’ll know,” Daniel said.  “Just like I knew, so shall you.”


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