Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 12

Daniel Murphy met Ruben Tejada bright and early to begin Ruben’s superhero training.  When Ruben arrived, he found Daniel sitting on the hood of an old car parked next to an run down shack not too far from one of the many Port St. Lucie public golf courses.  On the ground were some paintbrushes, some old rags, and several cans of paint.

Ruben gave him a quizzical look.  “You’re not expecting me to paint the shed and wax the car, are you?”

“No, Ruben-san.  We’re just waiting for someone,”  Daniel said.

“Who?” Ruben said.

“My mentor,” Daniel said.  “The one who trained me.”

Before long, a figure approached from beyond the sand traps.  “There he is,” Daniel said.

Ruben looked and saw a tall figure with a beard coming toward them.  “Is that who I think it is?” Ruben said.

“Perhaps,” Daniel said.

As the figure drew nearer, Ruben was able to see the figure was wearing a blue mask and blue jumpsuit with a big red maple leaf on the front.

“It’s the Dickey!  The Wonderful Wizard of Lobs!” Ruben exclaimed.

“It is,” Daniel said.

“Good morning, Daniel,” the Wizard said.  “I hear you have been putting your powers to good use.”

“I have, Wonderful Wizard,” Daniel said.  “You taught me well.”

“This must be Ruben,” the Wizard said.  “I hear you want to follow in Daniel’s path.”

“I am,” Ruben said.  “And I do.  I want to help others.”

“You have a long and hard journey ahead of you, young Ruben.  But I believe in you.  I have taken my powers and have headed north to help the people of Toronto this year.  New York will need a good Double Play Combination to take my place.”

“How do I be a hero?” Ruben asked the Wizard.

“Try hard.  Do your best.  Believe in yourself.  A hero’s strength flows from this source.”

Ruben nodded.  He understood.

“You have learned well, young apprentice.  Your journey is complete.  My work here is done.”  With that, the Wizard turned and disappeared into the sand traps.

“Congratulations,” Daniel said to Ruben.  “You are now a superhero.”


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