Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 10

Daniel Murphy was in the clubhouse, waiting for today’s first game.  As he was still recovering from his rib injury that occurred while falling from a tree while rescuing an ungrateful cat named Utley, he was not in the lineup for today’s game.

Not long after the rest of the team went to the field to get ready and Daniel was left by himself, he heard a strange noise.  “I wonder what that could be?” Daniel asked himself.  “I didn’t know anyone else was down here.”

Daniel looked at his gym bag.  Should he or shouldn’t he?  It may be nothing.  It may be something.  “Is the Superhero needed?” he asked himself.

He heard a crash coming from the direction of the original noise.  “Everything okay?” he called.  There was no answer.  That decided it.  Daniel needed to act.  He reached into his bag and pulled out his orange and blue Superhero costume.  Faster than a Matt Harvey fastball, he was changed and he ran off in the direction of the sound, his cape with the large number 28 trailing behind him.

Daniel Murphy soon discovered the source of the sound.  Rummaging through the boxes of David Sunflower Seeds, he saw a figure in a colorful outfit and puffy multicolor hair wearing giant red shoes.  One of the boxes had fallen over and was the source of the crash.

“Halt!  Who goes there?” Superhero Murphy said.

The figure quickly turned and looked at him.  Daniel knew who he was by his telltale giant red nose.  “That’s a clown question, bro!”  The figure threw a package of sunflower seeds at him.

“The Capitol Clown!” Superhero Murphy exclaimed.  “What are you doing here?”

“Another clown question, bro!” the Capitol Clown said.

Before Superhero Murphy could say anything else, the Capitol Clown dropped the seeds and took off.  He was much faster than the Gnome of the Evil Empire.  Superhero Murphy knew he had no chance of catching the Clown.  He was gone.

“We will meet again, Capitol Clown,” Daniel said.  “You may have bested me this time, but have no doubt, we shall meet again.  Next time, the outcome will be different.”


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