Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 8

Daniel’s stay in New York City thankfully wasn’t long.  He was already back in Port St. Lucie and back in the clubhouse with the rest of his teammates.  With the cortisone shot, he was hoping to be back on the field in about a week.

“My team needs me.  I’m glad I wasn’t away for long,” Daniel said to himself.  He opened his gym bag and looked at the orange and blue superhero costume he kept hidden at the bottom.  “You’ll need to stay put for another week or so,” he said.  “I can’t risk another injury.”

But as Daniel soon learned, inaction is not a choice a superhero has.

David Wright walked by, hanging his head.  “What’s wrong, David?” Daniel asked.

“We’re playing our first game on Saturday and I haven’t been named Captain yet,” he said sadly.

“Oh, no!” Daniel thought.  “David can’t be sad.  If he’s thinking about being sad, he can’t concentrate enough to hit the inside slider!”

Daniel grabbed his gym bag and ran off, sore rib be damned.

Moments later, an orange and blue clad man with a cape with a big number 28 came running into the clubhouse.  “What seems the problem, David?” Superhero Murphy said.  “A strapping young lad just told me you were feeling sad.”

“I am,” David said.  “I’m not captain yet.”

“But David,” Daniel said.  “There’s no need to be upset.”

“There’s not?” David said.

“Of course not, ” Superhero Murphy said.  “Terry Collins wants you to be named Captain.  You just signed a nine figure contract this offseason.  And you just got engaged to a lovely young woman.  While she may not be quite as lovely as the beautiful woman that your second baseman just married, she’s certainly more than satisfactory.  There’s no reason for you to be sad.”

With that, David Wright’s frown turned upside down.  “You’re right, Superhero!  Thank you!  What would I have done without you!”

“No need to thank me,” Daniel said.  “I’m just glad to be able to help.”  Before David could get a good look at him, he sped off.

Moments later, Daniel returned carrying his gym bag – superhero costume safely tucked away. “Feeling better, David?” Daniel asked.

“Absolutely!” David said.  “You’ll never believe who was just here!  I just saw the Superhero!  Hey, Ike!” David said as he ran off.  “I saw the Superhero!  Right here!  In our clubhouse!”

Daniel Murphy smiled.  Another job well done.


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