Great Dodgers Promotions in 2013

While I’m a Mets fan, that doesn’t mean I don’t check out other teams and their promotional calendars.  The Dodgers have some great promotions on the calendar for 2013.


Were I living in LA, here are some of the promos I’d be interested in:


April 3 – Hooded Sweatshirt

April 15- Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe, & Roy Campanella Statue

April 30 – Hanley Ramirez bobblehead

May 14 – Matt Kemp bobblehead

May 25 – Jamie Jarrin bobblehead

June 4 – Dodger cap

June 6 – Don Sutton bobblehead

June 27 – Sandy Koufax bobblehead

July 11 – Adrian Gonzalez bobblehead

July 25 – Vin Scully bobblehead

August 10 – Hideo Nomo bobblehead

August 13 – Dodger cap

August 27 – Rick Monday bobblehead

August 31 – adult jersey 

September 12 – Magic Johnson bobblehead


There are more, but once again – the Dodgers know how to do promotions – plenty of bobbleheads, caps and jersey/sweatshirts.  


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