Daniel Murphy: Superhero – Episode 7

Daniel Murphy felt a twinge soon after arriving at the clubhouse in Port St. Lucie.


“Uh, oh,” he thought.  “This doesn’t feel too good.”  


He went to see the trainer.  “How did you do this?” the trainer asked.


Daniel thought about it.  Could it have been the fall from the tree, helping the old woman while rescuing the cat named Utley?  Could it have been the bowling outing the day before?  He wasn’t sure.


“I don’t know,” Daniel said.  


“Well,” the trainer said.  “We’ll have to get that looked at properly.  We’re sending you to New York to be examined.”


“New York?” Daniel said.  “But this is spring training!  My team needs me!”


“Yes, your team needs you,” the trainer said.  “Which is why this needs to be looked at properly.  Don’t try to be a hero.”


Daniel thought about the blue and orange superhero costume with the flowing cape with the large number 28 at the bottom of his gym bag.  “But I am a Hero,” Daniel thought.  “A Superhero.”


New York was about to get its own Superhero…


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