Billy Beane’s Moneyball Drafts

The Mets have been going the Moneyball route the last couple of seasons.  Billy Beane’s mentor Sandy Alderson is the GM and of Beane’s pupils J.P. Riccardi and Paul DePodesta are in the Mets fold.

So how have the players Billy’s drafted fared since the 2002, the first year of the Moneyball draft as described in the book?

The following Moneyball draft players have made it to the majors from the A’s and the round they were drafted:

2002: (8)

Nick Swisher (1), Joe Blanton (1), Jeremy Brown (1), Mark Teahen (1), Bill Murphy (3), John Baker (4), Jared Burton (8), Shane Komine (9)

2003: (3)

Omar Quintanilla (1), Andre Ethier (2), Brian Horwitz (26)

2004: (11)

Landon Powell (1), Danny Putnam (1), Houston Street (1), Kurt Suzuki (2), Jason Windsor (3), Ryan Webb (4), Kevin Melillo (5), Todd Everidge (10), Dallas Braden (24), Connor Robertson (31), Jeff Gray (32)

2005: (7)

Cliff Pennington (1), Travis Buck (1), Vincent Mazzaro (3), Justin Sellers (6), Jeff Baisley (12), Anthony Recker (18), Brad Kilby (29)

2006: (2)

Trevor Cahill (2), Andrew Bailey (6)

2007: (4)

Sean Doolittle (1), Corey Brown (1), Sam Demel (3), Andrew Carnigan (5)

2008: (3)

Jemile Weeks (1), Tyson Ross (2), Mickey Storey (31)

2009: (2)

Samuel Dyson (10), Dan Straily (24)

2010: (1)

A.J. Griffin (10)

Since the Moneyball era in Oakland – 41 players drafted under Billy Beane have made it to the majors, many of them fringe players (as it is with any organization).  Only a fraction of players ever drafted make it to the majors and only a fraction of those end up having any impact.

Since 2002, the Mets have drafted 31 players that have appeared in the majors.


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