Needed Mets Promotions

As the Mets have only published a partial promotional schedule for April and May, there are still many promotional dates still left to be determined for the final four months of the season.


Thusfar, we have two bobbleheads, calendar day, magnetic schedule day, banner day, and Dunkin Donut giftcard day.  There’s cap trade day during the Yankee series, but that’s a standard every year.  So what other promotions should there be this upcoming season and who’s going to sponsor them?


During the offseason, the Mets sent out a questionnaire regarding promotions.  


Mets, if you’re listening – More Bobbleheads!  There are 4 months without them, make some more!  Last year had five and had an alumni theme – the two this year are doing the same.  A Gary Carter one would be great this season.


Hats.  2011 was a great year for promotional hats.  Let’s add plenty of hat days to the bobblehead days.  And for the record, visors do not count.


And if you really want to have a great promo – take a page out of the Cyclones book with jersey night.


Bobbleheads, Hats, and Jerseys.  Yep, that about sums it up.  Keep the license plate holders.  


And how about something right out of the minors – after a victory, fans exiting the park get a voucher for a ticket to a future game.  If you leave early, you don’t get one.  You’ll get extra butts in the seats to sell more hot dogs.  This will also encourage families to take their kids if they think they may get another game later, and if you hook a kid early, they’re a fan of the brand for life.  


Just saying…


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